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What is Game Plan Hockey Manager?

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Key features of Game Plan Hockey Manager

Game Plan Hockey Manager is a free to play online hockey manager game that is played directly in the browser. It’s designed for desktop computers as well for smart phones and tablets.

All development is based on the four core values described above.

Key features

Game basics - the short version

The game is played within the context of a game world which means that there is a limited amount of teams available. Game worlds come in different simulation speed options to fit most schedules; Slow (24h), Normal (12h) and Fast (6h).   Each game world contains of five playable league levels with 16 teams in each level. Together these leagues form the main competition where teams may be promoted or relegated throughout the league levels where the ultimate goal is to win the Golden Cup. These leagues are fictive leagues based in North America, but there are also non playable leagues, teams and players in Europe making each Game World the complete hockey experience.

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