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Cheating of any kind is strictly forbidden
  • You may only manage one team per game world
  • You may not use a team in order to give another team or manager an advantage
  • You may only act in benefit of your own team
  • You may not manipulate any data sent from client to server

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Game worlds

A game world is divided into five leagues where each league contains of 16 teams. As a beta manager all league levels are available for you, depending on the number available teams of course.

Simulation speed

The game moves forward a day at the time at specific hours. How often the game simulates depends on the game speed. This is individual for each game world, so choose a world that fits your schedule.

Simulates once every 24 hours
Simulates once every 12 hours
Simulates once every 6 hours
Simulates once every 3 hours

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