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Published 2023-07-17

API Docs

The Public API grants users access to public data within the current game worlds. It provides a means to retrieve information such as game statistics, achievements, and general game data that is publicly available. However, it's important to note that the API does not provide access to any hidden or protected data, including player potentials, user information, or any similar sensitive information.

Disclaimer: The Public API is currently in BETA phase. Expect potential limitations and bugs during its testing and development stage.

API is available on the following URL: https://api.gameplanhockey.com

List over available endpoints

Terms of use

API Usage Documentation:

  1. Introduction: This documentation provides guidance on how to use the API for interacting with the gameplanhockey.com platform. The API allows you to access various endpoints to retrieve data about game worlds, leagues, teams, players, and stats.

  2. Endpoint Structure: Most endpoints in the API require path parameters that specify entity IDs. These IDs correspond to the gpid query string found in the current URL of the game. For example, the {worldId} parameter is used in almost every endpoint to identify the specific game world being queried.

  3. Getting Started: To begin using the API, it is recommended to start with the following endpoint: GET /public/worlds This endpoint provides a complete list of game worlds along with their corresponding IDs. It serves as a useful starting point for further API interactions.

  4. Retrieving League IDs: To obtain the IDs of the leagues within a game world, you can query the leagues endpoint. This endpoint provides a list of leagues, including their respective IDs. Additionally, it also provides information about the current teams and their corresponding IDs. Note: Replace {worldId} in the URL with the actual ID of the game world you are interested in. Example Request: GET /public/worlds/{worldId}/leagues

  5. Further Exploration: Once you have obtained the necessary IDs, you can explore other endpoints to retrieve specific information about game worlds, leagues, teams, and more. Each endpoint may require additional path parameters or query parameters, depending on the desired data.

  6. Additional Resources: For more details about the available endpoints and their parameters, refer to the API documentation provided here. The documentation will provide comprehensive information on the available endpoints including a sandbox to try them out.

  7. Examples: To enhance your understanding, here are a few examples of API requests you can make:

    • Retrieve detailed information about Game World Buzzer: GET /public/worlds/260-A

    • Obtain information about GHL in Game World Buzzer: GET /public/worlds/260-A/leagues/1-A

    • Obtain information about the Wintersville Lancers in Game World Buzzer: GET /public/worlds/260-A/teams/1-A

    • Obtain information about Adam Crist in Game World Buzzer: /public/worlds/260-A/players/78119-A

    • Get stats leaders of GHL for season 30 in Game World Buzzer.: /public/worlds/260-A/leagues/1-A/seasonleaders/30/PTS In the above example please note that the {category} path parameter at the end uses the stat column headers found inside the game, such as "GP", "G", "A", "PTS", "PIM", "PPG" and so on. Also note that the +/- stat header translates to "PM".

These examples demonstrate how to structure API requests using the provided endpoints and path parameters.

At the moment no additional headers and authentication tokens are required during the BETA phase but this may be changed later on.