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Published 2015-05-16


  • Team Story - The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils


    This is the first part of the guest blog series and team story by Alexander Rasputin. The story is fictional but based on the real in game events with his Vermilion Black Devils in Game World Buzzer where he took his team from LIHL to GHL in just 5 seasons. So please enjoy the 'The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils'!

  • v2.4.1 - Release notes


    Includes some important adjustments on how players evaluate their current contracts plus other bug fixes and improvements.

  • v2.4.0 - Release notes


    Players will now evaluate and react to their assigned role and given ice-time! This adds a great deal of complexity when carefully constructing your team. Are you up for the task?

  • v2.3.0 - Release notes


    We're trying out a new chat with both public and private channels. With no second account needed we hope that more managers will participate in the in game communication.

  • v2.2.3 - Release notes


    This update includes several important bug fixes and improvements.

  • v2.2.2 - Release notes


    This release fixes the sorting issue with draft preferences.

  • v2.2.1 - Release notes


    Discord widget is now included on the manager page.

  • v2.2.0 - Release notes


    New feature: Scouting! By scouting a player you can reveal hints of the players' talent, future development, get tactical insights and other information that's normally hidden.

  • v2.1.0 - Release notes


    You can now access totally reworked help files directly from inside the game and we're also really excited to introduce some advanced stats into the game.

  • We're ready for September 14th


    On September 14th new regulations regarding online payment comes into force within the EU. This means that banks may start to decline online card payments if they're not complying with what's called Strong Customer Authentication (SCA).

  • The BIG release - a retrospective


    So we're now a couple of months in after the BIG release and I thought I'd share my thoughts on things I'm happy about, things I believe could've gone better but also some things planned for the future.

  • Fall 2018 - Time to announce (part 2)


    In Part 1 of this blog post I mentioned something about a second meaning of the relaunch of this game. I will in this second part elaborate more about this. But to put it briefly: I’m turning this hobby project of mine into a serious business!

  • Fall 2018 - Time to announce


    You may have already heard something about a big release later this fall. So what is so special about this release, you might wonder? Well, this release will not just include new features - it will improve and change the competition of the game. Besides this it will also, in two ways, be a relaunch of the game. Sounds confusing? Don’t worry, I will elaborate and hopefully bring some clarity in this blog post divided into two parts.

  • Want to be an All Star?


    The All Star account is finally here! If you want the full game experience and at the same time support the future development of the game, then please sign up to be an All Star!

  • Want to support the game?


    We’re now aiming to, once and for all, drop the beta status and to launch an official version of the game that is available for everyone who wants to join. To do so I would really appreciate if you would help me make ends meet financially. That’s why we’re now on

  • What is Game Plan Hockey Manager?


    If you’re new to the game or just want to refresh your memory on what this game is all about then this is the blog post for you.

  • Release plan of affiliate teams


    There’s quite an interest for the upcoming affiliate teams feature and many have already tried out the pre release on the UAT environment. Here’s a few lines to answer the question: When is it going to be released to the official game worlds?

  • What is cheating and abuse? And what to do?


    Just to be clear. Cheaters and abusers are not welcome in this game. They ruin the game for everybody else. That’s not OK. Not by far.

  • What’s been going on lately and some comments on the latest v1.2.1 update


    Want to know why the latest update took almost two days to install or why I’ve been quite absent in the forum lately?

  • Entering the game engine


    When currently working on the extended game analysis reports for the next release I needed to, for the first time in almost two years, re-enter the true heart of the game - the game engine.

  • 2016 in numbers


    Given that there only been five open game worlds during most of 2016 with a potential 400* simultaneously users, the numbers are fantastic.

  • Back from the dead


    I wouldn’t blame anyone thinking the blog died and was never to return. Well the truth is I thought so too.

  • Official release - Almost there


    The move is now finally finished and we’re one big step closer to the official release. So what’s new and what’s left?

  • There will be an official release!


    We made it! Wow what an impressive finish that was! The Kickstarter campaign was successful. Thanks a million!

  • The official release of Game Plan Hockey Manager?


    It's time to take the next step and move from the unstable beta to a solid official version of the game. In order to do so I will need your help. That's why Game Plan Hockey Manager now is available on Kickstarter.

  • Community moves one step closer


    In an effort to bring the forum and community one step closer into the game you can now check the last active topics and access the game world chat from your manager screen

  • Trades are finally here


    I'm happy to announce that one of the missing core features now have been released on beta. Are you ready to make some blockbuster trades?

  • Developing trades feature


    Finally I've begun to develop some new cool features for the game. First one out will be the trades feature. Here are some thoughts going through my head

  • Removing speed lightning


    Since the beginning the high speed game worlds have had the majority of all simulator breakdowns. And now it's happened again.

  • Where are all the free agents?


    I've put together a minor release where the game now continuously adds players to the free agents pool if it's scarce.

  • How about that launch folks?


    Well the release of the beta didn't quite go as planned. But after several days of severe server problems it now seems like we made it out alive.

  • Official beta released


    The prototype days are over and we’re heading into a new exciting beta stage. This also means some important changes for you that currently are playing the prototype.

  • Heard something about an official beta?


    A couple of weeks ago I hinted on the forum that an official beta is to be released. So why isn’t it here yet?

  • Ok, so what’s next?


    I’m doing a great deal of work currently, even if it’s not showing. At least not yet.

  • Game AI improvements


    Today I’ve released a minor update where the game AI have gone through some improvements.

  • Release 16 - Player roles and bio


    The latest release makes it possible to assign player roles as you see fit. It also includes player bio with career highlights.

  • Finally. The new simulator is ready to roll.


    No more simulation meltdowns. Well at least that’s what I hope for. The new simulator is now up and running. But…

  • Rio Grande City Bandits - A Career Story


    Make sure to check out this excellent career story by Royalty that also serves as a great game tutorial

  • New simulator is almost ready


    The new simulator concept is almost ready and things are looking good. Can't wait to make the launch! Thanks for your patience.

  • Simulator meltdown


    The simulator quit on me yesterday. Sadly, I’m not surprised. I’ve given it a reboot and hopefully it can continue on until I’m finished with the new simulation concept.

  • Release 14.5


    Sorry for the lack of updates lately. I have been struggling with bad/slow simulation performance the last couple of weeks. Fixes has been made but I’m not satisfied yet.

  • Release 14


    This release includes extended team and player reputation along with a lots of bug fixes and improvements

  • Hotfix installed


    There has been a problem where simulation has been taking way to long. Hopefully this is now fixed. But sadly this will have some consequences.

  • Official forum of Game Plan Hockey Manager


    In affiliation with GM Games I’m happy to announce the official forum for Game Plan Hockey Manager

  • Game Plan Hockey Manager on social media


    Follow the game on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for latest news, thoughts and ideas

  • Release 13


    The latest release contains a new home view for league and extended roster view on team pages.

  • New game worlds available


    There are now four new game worlds available - one for each speed

  • Vote for Game Plan Hockey on Online Sport Managers


    As of today you can find Game Plan Hockey Manager on the biggest database of online sport manager games.

  • Release 12


    As of release 0.12.0 users can resign from current team and start a new career in a different game world (when available) or league.

  • Release 11


    The 0.11.0 release contains major improvements regarding contract negotiations, happiness and includes a new important game rule.

  • Why another hockey manager game?


    Ever since I was, hmm, younger, I´ve always dreamt of building my own hockey manager game. And why is that? Multiple reasons probably, but there is at least two that comes in mind.

  • Game hints now available


    Having trouble understanding the game? Make sure to check out this new hints feature.

  • Release 9


    The 0.9.0 release contains the new hints feature but also a list of bug fixes and improvements.