Game Plan Hockey Manager

Game Plan Hockey Manager

Outstanding game I found game plan manager by accident while surfing the web for a football sim. I never found the football sim!! This game is addictive, deep, realistic and ever evolving.

Very very good hockey manager This is great manager game, maybe the best hockey manager around (at least that I know of). Highly addicting. The creators are very active and still improving the game experience.

I’m Not Sure What I’d Do Without This Game I’ve been playing GPHM for 2 or 3 years now and I’m so glad I found this game. The community aspect alone on Discord boosts the game to a higher level.

Great game! Been playing the game for years. The developers have been insanely helpful and receptive to the community and the game has turned out great. Simply the best online Hockey management game available...

Find me a better one Over the years I have tried so many hockey and other sports browser management games and this is by far best one, or I have not found better one.

Best manager game ever. Oh boy, where to start. I started playing in 2016 and the game has come a long way since then. If i managed to play this long the game cannot be bad, actually it has to be excellent.

Most enjoyable GM for a while Very detailed GM game. Havent been this hooked to any game for long time. With few updates this could be GM game of century. Nice work from dev team.

Awesome game By far best online hockey manager. Great realistic feel, nice community and game where owners and developers actually listen to people to make it even better.

Where Did All My Free Time Go? What an addicting, deep, intricate hockey team management game. If you like complexity this is the sim for you! This game has a huge learning curve, because the mechanics are so deep...

A rare gem for hockey enthusiasts I was looking for a good hockey manager game for years before stumbling upon Game Plan Hockey Manager (GPHM) about 1,5 years ago. It’s been mostly a pleasant ride as a part of very friendly...

Best gm game available By far easily best GM game available. Very very realistic with incredibly well designed league format with promotions, relegations and drafts. Salary cap and contract negotions makes every season...

Arguably Greatest General Manager Game in Existence I’ve been playing since August 2018, and the sheer growth the game has experienced since my first game managed is absolutely incredible. I’m on the website pretty much everyday.

Best browser hockey game out there This is the best browser hockey game out there, hands down. I have tried a lot of hockey games or online sports games in general so far. GPHM is a keeper...

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With love for the game

Game Plan Hockey Manager is an online hockey manager game with tremendous depth, inspired by the excellence of Football Manager. It's played in a MMORPG fashion where you act as the manager and compete with others from all over the world. It's designed to be easy to play but hard to master and we're constantly evolving our game engine's AI-level and creating a very sophisticated experience.

Love for stats

Hockey fans love their stats. Most of us can browse hockey databases for hours and why shouldn´t a game offer the same possibility? Therefore all player and team stats are highly detailed, saved over the seasons and plays an important role in the game, not least when picking your next transfer target.

That realistic feel

Although the game doesn´t contain real players or teams, it´s designed to feel as realistic as possible. Even with a great roster you won´t win any games if you don´t pay attention to players confidence, contract happiness, fatigue, the team spirit or even who you pick as captains. It all adds up to what makes a team a success or a failure.

Details matter

Height, weight, skills, age, psychological profile, you name it - it all matters. Every detail you see in the game is of importance. Nothing is for show. And why should it? A manager game is all about the little things and it´s by paying attention to the details that can give a manager an advantage over his or hers fellow competitors.

Play by play

No one wants a random game result. That´s why all games are simulated play by play. Your players will face the opponents players shift by shift throughout the entire game. The tactics you choose will be up against your competitors. This will force the game momentum to change, so choose them wisely.

Key features of Game Plan Hockey Manager

Tactics & Lineup

Wide selection av tactics, line focuses and player roles to create a fun and realistic experience.


Player profiles

Rich player profiles with great level of detail including lots of different player skills and personalities.

Design your team

Create your own team and jersey from a great selection of cities, names, mascots and colors.

Living community

Join our community of like-minded and share experiences, ask questions and build team rivalries.

More features

  • Train and follow the development of your players.
  • Find the next big star by scouting the prospect rankings and selecting them in the yearly youth draft.
  • Assign and recall players from your affiliate teams
  • Detailed transfer management with salary cap, contract negotiations, free agency and trading.
  • Great detail dept with transaction logs, league standings, league leaders and stats history.
  • Compete with friends, colleagues and fellow managers for the best manager and team reputations.
  • Keep your players happy and manage your team culture by studying your player’s psychological profiles.
  • Inbox messages with news, PMs, assistant advices and much more.

Game basics - the short version

The game is played within the context of a game world which means that there is a limited amount of teams available. Game worlds come in different simulation speed options to fit most schedules; Slow (one game every 24h), Normal (one every 12h) and Fast (one every 6h). Each game world contains of six playable league levels with 28 teams in each level. Together these leagues form the main competition where teams may be promoted or relegated throughout the league levels where the ultimate goal is to win the Golden Cup. These leagues are fictive leagues based in North America, but there are also non playable leagues, teams and players in Europe making each Game World the complete hockey experience.

For further information please check the help files or the blog

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Introducing Game Plan Hockey Manager API

This API provides you with the opportunity to access public data, including team and player information, statistics, and general game data.

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v2.9.3 - Release Notes

This release incorporates a few adjustments and fine-tuning based on recent feedback.

v2.9.0 - Release notes

Introducing manageable national teams, assistant lineup suggestion plus several other improvements.

v2.8.1 - Release notes

This release contains several improvements and bug fixes including the possibility to save your default lineup.

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