Pricing and plans - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Pricing & Plans

We're proud to say that our game is completely free to play but we also offer a no pay-to-win premium plan to those who backs the game on Patreon.

See all differences below, also described in more detail at the bottom of the page.

  • Free
  • $0 / mo
  • Forever free - some limitations*
  • Ads included
  • One team
  • Start from bottom leagues
  • Safe trading only
  • Limited customizations
  • Limited shortlist
  • Limited feed and chat
  • Auto suspensions apply
  • Let's go
  • Premium
  • $1,99 / mo
  • Full experience - no limitations*
  • No ads
  • Two teams
  • Start from any league
  • Trusted trading
  • Unlimited customizations
  • Unlimited shortlist
  • Unlimited feed and chat
  • Manual suspension only
  • Let's go

*Plan differences explained


No ads are displayed for users on the premium plan.

No. of teams

Users on the free plan may only manage one team whilst premium users may manage up to two teams.

Starting league

Users on the free plan may only start a new career from maximum CHL level (4th tier) until gaining enough manager reputation. Premium users may choose to start a career in any league regardless of manager reputation.


Any trade involving a manager on free plan must be ruled balanced by the game engine (safe trading). However, this limitation is lifted once the manager reach successful reputation or better.


Free plans may edit their team (jersey, name and city) once every 30 days and player numbers once every 7 days. Premium users may edit unlimited amount of times. Also only premium users may customize their affiliate teams.


Users on the free plan may shortlist up to 30 players. Premium users have unlimited shortlist.

Feed and Chat

The in game feed will not display any items older than 3 days if the manager is on the free plan (90 days for premium plans). However important messages regarding the manager's account will always be displayed until manually deleted.

Only the latest 30 post will be displayed in any chat channel if on the free plan. Premium users have unlimited chat history.

Suspension and cheating

Only premium users may report and suspect another manager of cheating. Users on the free plan may be automatically suspended by the Automatic Cheater Alert System. Premium users may only be suspended after manual review by admins.

Full terms of use can be found here.