2016 in numbers - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2016-12-31

2016 in numbers

Given that there only been five open game worlds during most of 2016 with a potential 400* simultaneously users, the numbers are fantastic.

Here’s a quick look at the numbers of 2016.

  • Over 2.5 million page views
  • Approx 200.000 log ins
  • 91% returning visitors
  • Users from all over the world (Canada 33%, USA 21%, Finland 8%, Sweden 6%, UK, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Russia, Australia (3%), and several others.
  • User capacity filled to 90%*

That’s fantastic numbers! Thank’s to all of you that is part of this game and let’s keep it up in 2017!

Happy new year!

*With not all league levels available for new users the real max amount of simultaneously players are probably less than 400.