About admins and computer trading - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2021-11-17

About admins and computer trading

Here's a short update about the game world admins and computer trading

I get quite a few requests every week where managers reach out regarding bad transactions or suspect that someone is cheating. So this is a friendly reminder about the game world admins that was introduced a while back. There are 2-3 game world admins available in each game world that will help investigate cheating suspicions and have the right to revert transactions and also suspend or ban users. If you need to get in touch with an admin check the in game chat user list. Admins in your current game world has "(ADMIN)" written after their name. Most admins are also available on the Discord chat.

I also get a few questions about trading with the computer. Every now and then, a few bad trades slips through and upset the community. The computer trading AI is very difficult to get right in every aspect and therefore I have given the admins the right to monitor and revert a computer trade if it puts the computer team in a very bad situation. So be aware that a computer trade may be reverted even if the computer team accepted the trade. This way, we keep every team competitive for potential new managers.

Thanks for reading!