Back from the dead - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2016-12-29

Back from the dead

I wouldn’t blame anyone thinking the blog died and was never to return. Well the truth is I thought so too.

The last blog post was published almost a year ago. It wasn’t something I’ve planned, I just had to prioritise features and improvements over blogging for a while. I probably still will but not to the extent where the blog is left for dead.

When announcing releases and important news I’ve been using the community, Twitter and Facebook. It’s served me well and I will continue to use those medias. But when starting out I also meant to share both my experiences and thoughts while developing this game. In this sense I’ve been keeping everyone in the dark by letting the blog down.

From now on I’ll try to do better! Don’t expect a new blog post every week though, but every now and then I’ll try to keep you updated on what’s on my mind. Fair enough?