Community moves one step closer - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-10-09

Community moves one step closer

In an effort to bring the forum and community one step closer into the game you can now check the last active topics and access the game world chat from your manager screen

Many of us agree that a living community is a very important aspect of a great online manager game. It’s where you make friends, build rivalries and discuss the different parts of the game with likeminded.

GM Games

The official forum of Game Plan Hockey Manager is hosted by General Manager Games at It’s truly great to be part of such a renowned and large community which not the least have saved me a lot of time and given the game great boost. On the downside you’ll need a second account on GM Games to participate in the forum discussions and the forum have perhaps felt somewhat disconnected from the game. If you don’t have a GM Games account you can use the following link. It’s totally free of charge. Sign up at GM Games.

Game World Forums

A couple of days ago a Game World section was created on the forum which means that every game world now has it own section where users can discuss what goes down in their own world. A pinned topic has been created on each world where you can introduce yourselves. So if you haven’t already, please take the time to do so.

At the same time a chat feature was enabled on the forum. You’ll find a chat room for each game world and one lobby where you can discuss whatever comes in mind.

A big thanks to Chris at GM Games for helping out with these new features.

First step taken

The v1.2.1-beta was installed earlier today and include a first step to move the forum and community closer into the game. Your manager screen have now gotten two new tabs; Forum and Chat.

Forum The forum tab will display the last active topics on your game world forum. Topics are linked directly into the forum.

Chat Here you’ll find the current game world’s chat room included directly into the game. Note that you’ll need to be logged in at the official forum (same browser) to activate the chat.

Forum profile settings The release also contains a new action menu option; Forum profile…. Here you can enter your GM Games user name to connect your manager and GM Games profiles. Your GM Games user name will also be displayed in game as your Alias to help other users make the connection.

Read more about v1.2.1-beta in the change log

Your manager profile as forum signature

If you’d like to display your manager info and team colours at the official forum you now have the possibility to include a customised forum signature. The code snippet is available at your manager screen and forum profile settings. A step by step guide can be found here

More to come

These are as mentioned the first steps. Hopefully we can take a few more in the near future to make it easier for users to be part of the community. Have any ideas? Don’t hesitate to add them in the suggestions forum.

Now let’s make the most of these new features so we all can enjoy a living community.