Entering the game engine - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2017-01-12

Entering the game engine

When currently working on the extended game analysis reports for the next release I needed to, for the first time in almost two years, re-enter the true heart of the game - the game engine.

Well of course there’s been a couple of adjustment here and there but I never needed to thoroughly go over each and every part of the game engine since I built it almost two years ago.

Lately I’ve got several questions on how to adjust your team tactics or lineup when the game results fail. The game engine is created to cover most parts of the game and to be as realistic as possible, so if you know your hockey you’re going to have a good chance of being quite successful just making changes by analysing the stats and your players profiles. But when not being able to analyse all the small details in every game that approach will only take you so far.

That’s why I felt I needed to give the users more insights on what was really going on in order to let them make wise and informed decisions for their teams.

In order to build an analyse report I needed to log every event during each game and when going through the entire game engine I was (may I dare to say?) impressed with the level of detail going on! I forgot all about many of the details I took into consideration when building the game engine. Unfortunately these details was buried deep down and never made it to the surface to let the user know what’s going on.

When I was done logging - each game provided over 200.000 lines of events, updates or actions together creating a very rough report. Now I just needed to compile this report into a more readable format. It was easier said than done, but I’m almost finished and I’m feeling very happy with the result so far.

The goal is to provide a detailed assistant report both on the team and every player after each game. Giving the user valuable insights on several aspects of the player’s game performance highlighting failure and concerns but also telling if where he played a solid game and in what aspects he was successful.

I believe this will add a totally new dimension to the game helping the user to understand how players perform and why. Thinking about it, it’s quite funny to call this a new dimension since the data has actually always been there. Just not visible to anyone.

Release date is currently set to end of January.