Finally. The new simulator is ready to roll. - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-03-24

Finally. The new simulator is ready to roll.

No more simulation meltdowns. Well at least that’s what I hope for. The new simulator is now up and running. But…

…there is always a but.

I’ve been running the final tests on the new simulator the last couple of weeks. There have been some issues but I believe that most of them is sorted out. It might have been wise to run the tests one or two more weeks but when the current simulator quit once more last night I thought there is nothing to lose.

So I beg you all for some more patience and if you find anything that doesn’t seem alright, please send me an email, a tweet or write a post at bug section of the forum.

This also means that simulations have been postponed. How much depends on the world speed.

Minor changes

With that said I also want to point out a couple of changes that comes with the new simulator. As mentioned before the new simulator will simulate more frequently which means that you will get messages continuously during the day when games are played, contracts accepted and so on. That also means that the day won’t change directly after games are played. So the countdown visible at the top right will first count down to the next game (displayed in green) and then, after games are played, change to count down to the next day (displayed in orange). So now, each day consists of two countdowns.

Let’s all hope for a more stable game in the future. But as I said, there might be some issues in the early beginning.

Thanks again for your patience so far

Fingers crossed!