Heard something about an official beta? - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-06-11

Heard something about an official beta?

A couple of weeks ago I hinted on the forum that an official beta is to be released. So why isn’t it here yet?

At the same time I became a father for the first time. This is the most awesome thing but have of course limited the amount of time I have been able to put into the game lately. But the beta is still coming, for sure. The final tests are running along just fine so it shouldn’t take long now. On top of this I’m glad to announce that I’m no longer the only developer of the game. A colleague of mine, David Tellander, is now joining the development team. So hopefully we can speed things up a bit.

A little more info about the beta

Compared with whats on the prototype today you won’t find a lot of new features at first. Most improvements are behind the scenes, where a much more stable simulator is the core feature. This will make a solid ground for the future development of the game. But there will also be a couple of improvements and bug fixes, i.e. a rework of the contract happiness system.

The prototype is not going to be upgraded, the beta version will instead become a fresh start for the game. This is to kill corrupt data from previous simulator crashes. That means that no game worlds or teams will be imported into the beta version. But the plan is to keep all manager accounts and manager reputations so that those of you that have been part of the prototype will be able to start with a team in the same league level that you are currently playing in.

So what happens to the prototype?

The prototype will continue to be alive. At least a while longer. So if you’re in the middle of an exciting playoff round or have a killer team and don’t want to abandon it just yet, you still have the option to keep playing.

But the prototype will no longer receive any bug fixes or sets of new features and will finally be removed in the near future.

If you have any questions regarding all this, please feel free to ask them in this forum thread.