Hotfix installed - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-01-26

Hotfix installed

There has been a problem where simulation has been taking way to long. Hopefully this is now fixed. But sadly this will have some consequences.

The tactics familiarity and winning streaks have been reset due to the installed hotfix. For this I'm sorry. As a consolation I have made a pre release of some of the upcoming features. As of today stars of the week will be announced every seven game days. You can find this on league home page.

Since a while back I have also been tracking player and team reputation. As a result of this, every teams roster will now display the three biggest stars on the team. Players are marked with a star. Note, that this may not be the best players in overall. This is just a quick play-around with the upcoming reputation system. So there is more where this came from.

Sorry for the inconvenience but I hope you'd like the new teaser features!