Release 11 - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2014-12-23

Release 11

The 0.11.0 release contains major improvements regarding contract negotiations, happiness and includes a new important game rule.

New features

  • New game rule. When releasing players you will a receive a salary cap penalty meaning that the players salary will be locked against the salary cap for as many days that the player had remaining years of his contract. E.g. if a player has a salary of $100 000 and has two years left of his three year contract, then $100 000 will be locked against the salary cap for two days after releasing him. I understand if this may cause some inconvenience but I strongly feel that this add to that realism that I strive for. Hopefully, it also will make you plan ahead a little more.
  • More detailed contract negotiations. When talking to players and negotiating you will receive more detailed responses. The response will give you a hint of how likely the player is to accept the offer and will also reflect the players personality.
  • Contract clause happiness. Minor adjustment on how much contract clause will influence contract happiness.
  • Happiness on first year of contract. Players on their first year of contract will not be unhappy as fast as before.
  • Improved contract happiness texts. Players will now tell if they are unhappy with their contract or if they want to move to a bigger club.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where friendly invites could crash
  • Fixed bug where saving lineup could crash
  • Fixed bug where saving player number could crash
  • Fixed issue where dressed players in pp or pk was not selected into empty spots before signing new reserves