Release 12 - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-01-05

Release 12

As of release 0.12.0 users can resign from current team and start a new career in a different game world (when available) or league.

New features

  • Users that have been absent for more than 10 days (calendar days, not in-game days) will be considered to be on holiday. The assistant manager will then take control of the team and if the user has not returned in another 20 days he or she will be released from team. Users will be notified by email.
  • The manager page now uses an action menu to change user settings and profile data.
  • Resign from team. The user can resign from the current team and find another team in a different game world or in a different league. The managers current reputation will decide what league levels that are available for the new career.
  • Manager history. A new tab is available on the manager page that will display the complete history of the manager including achievements for each season.
  • Team history. The team stats tab now displays team achievements with manager history for each season.
  • Forgot password. Users now has the possibility to reset their password if forgotten.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed issue where player salary demands varied heavily from day to day.
  • Removed faulty login screen that was shown if user was logged out.