Release 13 - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-01-17

Release 13

The latest release contains a new home view for league and extended roster view on team pages.

New features

  • League home view. League pages now has a home view where the most important information is summarised. You can view latest game results, next rounds match-ups and league leaders. The headlines tabs is also moved to the home view, showing only the latest 10 headlines.
  • Player roles. There have been some rework on how player roles was calculated. Honestly, there were far to many good offensive players that was classed as grinders. This means that you might need to check your lineup and focus assignments. I’m sorry for the inconvenience. Many have also noted that player roles are eligible for change. This is by design, but I know it may not be obvious. So don’t be surprised if your players change their preferred roles when they develop or your team move up or down league levels. Player roles are now also displayed on player cards (on click).
  • Expended roster view. You can now toggle the roster view to show either basic, profile, contract or rating information.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed sorting of goalie stats on league page. Also only showing goalies that have played a minimum of 20% of total games on league leaders.
  • Your own players are highlighted on league leaders.
  • Adjustment of salary demands for top players.
  • Adjustment of health loss (more) of hard training.
  • Adjustment of health loss (more) during games.
  • Fixed issue where resigned managers still were displayed as active on world view.
  • Free agents will now base their role on the viewing managers team.
  • Adjustment of offensive morale (boost) when scoring a lot of goals.
  • Adjustment of defensive morale (boost) when not conceding a lot of goals.

Hope you’ll enjoy the latest update.