Release 14 - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-02-01

Release 14

This release includes extended team and player reputation along with a lots of bug fixes and improvements

New features

  • Extended team and player reputation. As I mentioned in the last hotfix I have been tracking team and player reputation since a while back. With this release all reputation is now visible on team and player pages. You can also view reputation leaders on world and league pages. Reputation is measured in both the league where the team or player currently plays in as well in the whole world. That means that the teams and players has two values of reputation. I want to point out that this is not perfected or finished to 100%. But many of the upcoming features depend of this reputation system and it’s therefore important to add this extra dimension early in the game. So what impact do the reputation of a team or player have today? Mostly, but not only, it will influence contract negotiations, salary demands, player interest to join teams. Note that the world needs to simulate once before all reputation is displayed correctly
  • Extended world view. The world view will now display the last seasons Golden Cup winner. It also includes new tabs for viewing top players, teams and managers in the game world.
  • Extended league view. The league view have merged the player and goalie stats into one new tab just called players. There you can browse player, goalie stats and biggest stars in the league. League view now also includes extended team stats leaders and top renowned teams in league. Finally you can browse league history to view past team winners and player leaders.
  • Lineup rule implemented. It might be obvious for all hockey lovers but there were never a rule that validated that you didn’t dress more than 18 players and 2 goalies. But now it does.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixed bug where injuries had negative values
  • Fixed bad link to blog in menu
  • League schedule now displays current league position of team
  • New managers will now start as reputation Rookie
  • Minor adjustment of player interest for mid and bottom positioned teams > Increased
  • Fixed label for playoff achievement to display correct playoff round
  • Fixed bug where messages in user inbox was hidden in responsive/mobile view
  • Sort order on player leaders now falls back on played games if equal values.
  • Fixed bug where minimum of games played on goalie league leaders included playoff games
  • Adjustment on home ice advantage. Players with great team spirit (team players and loyalists) works harder for home fans and have bigger chance of receiving the home ice advantage bonus.
  • Fixed bug where golden league players wanted to move to bigger club when unhappy with contract.
  • Visual correction of white or yellow text on team jerseys
  • Errors in lineup validation now are displayed directly when save button is clicked instead of reloading page.