Release 9 - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2014-12-09

Release 9

The 0.9.0 release contains the new hints feature but also a list of bug fixes and improvements.

New features

  • Game hints. Available on every page and action window. The hints are displayed as a hint tour that navigates through the most important parts of the game. You can toggle hints on and off in your manager settings.

Bug fixed and improvements

  • Improved line focus impact.
  • Checking line is now preferred against opponents scoring lines (home teams only).
  • Improved line change logic.
  • Fixed issues where confidence/morale labels were mixed up. Also improved value labels. Team now uses “Morale” and players uses “Confidence”. Player condition is also renamed to “Health”.
  • Fixed bug where player season development graph didn’t show any progress even if overall had increased.