Release 16 - Player roles and bio - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-04-20

Release 16 - Player roles and bio

The latest release makes it possible to assign player roles as you see fit. It also includes player bio with career highlights.

Player roles

Ever thought "This grinder would also make a great power forward"? Up until today you couldn't do much about it, but now you have the possibility to assign player roles as you see fit. To help you out there's a new tab called "Profile" on the player page. Here you can find all roles available in the game with ratings on how well they fit the player. Player roles are then assigned through the new action window "Player roles..." on the team page. So now there is no excuse to not match your your line focuses with fitting roles.

Player bio

The player page also have another new tab called "Bio". Here you will find career highlights such as team promotions, playoff wins and league stats leaders achievements. Note that this won't look back on previous seasons from before this feature was added. As the game develops more and more will be added to the player bio. Things to look forward to includes League Awards and All Star Game.

And more

The release also contains some adjustments and improvements regarding game play and tactics. This includes an increase of injuries.

Oh, almost forgot. The salary cap got a welcome 20% raise!

Hope you'll enjoy this set of new features!