Subscriptions moving to Patreon - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2021-04-20

Subscriptions moving to Patreon

Important! Please read.

As some of you might have heard I'm making some changes with subscriptions and payments. As of the beginning of this year Game Plan Hockey Manager is no longer part of Shaka Productions and I have moved the game back to my personal ownership. Those of you that currently have active subscriptions may also have noticed that you haven't been charged for the last couple of months, this is all intentional. I needed to pause payments since we have detached the company behind the game.

So what now? I will reopen my page on Patreon and ask for your support to keep the game going. All current subscriptions have been canceled and those of you who still want the Premium plan must sign up on Patreon and back the game with at least $1.99 / month. Each month new coupon codes granting one month of access will be published on Patreon. Hopefully this can be automated in the future but until then you need to manually get the coupon code every month, shortcut is available in the game. Your move to Patreon must be done within the next 10 days not to lose your current Premium status. Depending on when your current subscription period ends this timeframe may be longer, check your account from your manager page.

I hope to see as many of you as possible on Patreon and I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

But I also have some good news! I've just released update v2.6.0! This update contains bug fixes and improvements but also a brand new feature for a national teams championship! Check out the release notes for more information regarding this release!

Sincerely Anders Granberg