Trades are finally here - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2015-09-26

Trades are finally here

I'm happy to announce that one of the missing core features now have been released on beta. Are you ready to make some blockbuster trades?

It took a little longer than expected (doesn't it always?) but as of today trades are now finally an included feature in the game. For further info about my thoughts developing this feature see this previous blog post.

Help files

To explain how trades work in more detail I've created a help files section at the forum. To begin with I've added files about the new trades feature and on how players contracts work. I will continuously add more aspects of the game here. Use this link to find the help files.

Release notes

In addition to the trades feature this release also contains a series of bug fixes and improvements. Read a full feature list here.

What's next?

Except from continuos bug fixes and improvements it's now time to begin looking into a youth draft feature. This will be a great complement to trades where drafts picks is a big part of making trade offers. Stay tuned for more info regarding this.

Now, enjoy this trades feature and make sure to check out the help files in the forum.

Happy trading!