v2.6.0 - Release notes - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2021-04-20

v2.6.0 - Release notes

We're now introducing national teams to Game Plan Hockey Manager. The release also contains important bug fixes and improvements.

New features

National teams championship

At the end of each season there will be a national teams championship; World Hockey Championship (WHC). The championship contains 16 nations and is divided into two groups based on ranking; Group A and B. The top four teams advances to a playoff; Quarter finals, Semi finals and Final (played best of 1 game). The last nation of each group is relegated and will be replaced with winner from WHC B. This lower championship is currently not visible or accessible. At the end of the championship all teams will receive a ranking score depending on their final position.

National teams will make their roster selections based from all available players except those who currently participate in the ongoing GHL playoffs. That means that players from teams that advanced to the GHL conference finals will not be accessible to play in the WHC.

All teams, standings and schedule can be found from the World page and the National teams tab.

Important days to keep track of: * Day 87 - This season's WHC will be announced * Day 97 - National teams will make their roster selections * Day 99-108 - Championship games are played.

Also, with this new feature we're introducing UK based players. So why not take a closer look at the UK team during the WHC to see if there are any new gems worth signing!

Moving subscriptions to Patreon

With this release subscriptions will be moved to Patreon. That means that any current subscriptions has been canceled. See this post for more information. https://forums.gmgames.org/topic/20140-important-please-read/

Bug fixes and improvements

  • New tactic option available for switching goalies during games.
  • Introducing a minimum salary for league at the same level as entry level contracts.
  • Board may now interfere and reject contract offers if offering too high salaries based on player demand and current salary cap status.
  • Increased endurance loss for players playing too many executive shifts during games.
  • Every team must now dress 18 players and 2 goalies for each game
  • Players will be evaluate expected ice-time based on offered role before accepting offer.
  • Minor adjustments of player interest for signing with teams based on league, reputation and nationality.
  • Non league teams will be more active on the free agent market at the mid and end of the season.
  • Player who promote with their current contract will discard their contracted role in the new league.
  • Fixed bug where trade offers couldn't be accepted and was ruled as unbalanced even if they were not.
  • Fixed bug where draft preference players priorities could become unsync.