v2.6.1 - Release notes - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2021-05-09

v2.6.1 - Release notes

We're now introducing Game World Admins that will help investigate cheater suspicions.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Game World Admins. There are now 2-3 game world admins available in each game world. The admins will investigate cheating suspicions and have the right to revert transactions and suspend or ban users. If you need to get in touch with an admin check the in game chat user list. Admins in your current game world has "(ADMIN)" written after their name.
  • Reworked endurance/fatigue during games for both players and goalies
  • New players will no longer be spawned into the free agent list. Instead, a few un-drafted players may appear in European leagues in the beginning of each season.
  • Adjustment of player retirement for lower leagues and overall levels
  • Adjustment of player salary demands
  • Fixed bug where entry level contracts could not be offered
  • Fixed bug where the board rejected too high salary offers even if the offer was the minimum league salary