v2.6.2 - Release notes - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2021-06-23

v2.6.2 - Release notes

Now introducing a min and max roster size.

New features

Min and max roster size

A team must have at least 20 and as most 30 players on its roster, that's a full dressed team plus half an affiliate roster. If these limits are not met no further transactions can be made until the roster limit is met. All players contracted by the team plus any players not already on the team but with a pending contract or contract offer will count against the roster limit. Also note that waived player will not count against the roster limit.

The roster count is displayed on the team info section of the team page and also visible when composing a trade offer.

Teams already above the limit may release players without a penalty down to the maximum limit.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Nationality filter on player search. It's now possible to search players by nationality.
  • Adjustment of player weights. Fixed an issue where players lost weight as they got older. As a result the player weight algoritm has been rewritten and all player weights had to be updated. So check your roster for any changes.
  • Adjustment of player fatigue. Decreased endurance loss on players with low or medium ice-time. Increased endurance loss on goalies playing consecutive games.
  • Player contract details now displays the valid league level.
  • It's now possible to release a player on the last year of his contract once the regular season ended without any penalty.
  • The board may now oppose to a release of a player.
  • Fixed bug with WHC promotion and relegation
  • Fixed bug with WHC playoff bracket
  • Fixed bug where the board rejected player contract even if the same as player demand
  • Fixed UI bug on player reputation
  • Various typo fixes