v2.8.0 - Release notes - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2022-02-01

v2.8.0 - Release notes

Introducing extended player personalities, lineup chemistry, player language skills and reworked team spirit. The release also includes several improvements and bug fixes.

New features

Extended player personalities

Introducing a general personality type to every player that simplified can be described as a grouping or summary of all the already existing profile traits. The general personality is there to fill all the gaps and is used to decide how the player will act and respond in various situations throughout the game. The new personality types is divided into four main types; Competitor, Inspirer, Peacemaker and Tactician. Each player has a dominant type and a passive type. Together with already existing traits this addition gives the player a very rich and complex personality that will be the foundation for any new and existing feature that includes player interaction.

To reveal a player's complete personality you must scout the player. Once you get the hang of it you can also make your own best guess studying the already existing traits. But the scouting report will also reveal interesting data on how the player may (or is) affecting teamwork and team culture plus which team-mates he prefers (and don't prefer) to socialise with.

Players may also express dissatisfaction with the team or another player if he doesn't thrive so be sure to check the player's general happiness from time to time.

Player languages

Players now have different language skills depending on their birth country and in which countries they may have played. A player's language skills will impact on how well he may adapt to a new team in a new country and which team-mates he will be able to communicate with. If a player is having a hard time to adopt make sure he has enough players that is a good match for his personality and that he can communicate with.

The languages known of each player can be found on the player page and bio tab.

Lineup chemistry

Now introducing lineup chemistry. The player personalities mentioned above will impact the lineup chemistry. Lineup chemistry is based on how well player personalities match, it's also important that players are able to communicate with each other, ie speak the same language or at least have a reasonable chance of understanding each other.

The chemistry will also grow stronger the longer they play together. But if the personalities does not match, time will not do wonders.

Lineup chemistry applies to the forward lines and defensive pairs separately in the regular lineup. Chemistry also applies to the complete powerplay and penalty kill units.

Insights of player chemistry can be found on the assistants report after each game.

Reworked Team spirit

The teamwork and winner instinct values have been completely reworked and are now using the new player personalities. We're also introducing a team culture value and making some changes to team confidence where we are reverting back to displaying the value separately for offensive and defensive confidence.

A positive team culture is the key for a great teamwork. The culture is impacted by the players on the team and you specially need to look at their Ego and Greed traits. Players staying at the team for multiple seasons will impact team culture more than new arrivals. Also note that natural leaders and high reputable players will impact the culture more.

The teamwork is now based on the new player personalities where each personality type has it own strengths and weaknesses. The goal is to combine and balance the personalities on your roster to equal parts. In order to get all the different personalities to get along you need to have a positive team culture, otherwise the personality types may clash and disputes arise. The teamwork value will also improve the longer the players play together.

The winner instinct value is now based on the personality type Competitor. The more competitors you have the better the winner instinct. But the competitor personality type is also known for creating disputes within the team so you need to balance your roster just right.

Additional information regarding all these new features can be found in the help files.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Restriction so only players in the regular lineup may be assigned to special teams.
  • Players on lower league contracts will no longer demand the previous contracted role after promotion.
  • Adjustments on team/opponent underestimation.
  • Adjustment in game engine regarding hits, giveaways and takeaways.
  • Adjustment on CPU trading. Will protect young talent in larger extent but in general more likely to accept trade offers with non impact players.
  • Fixed bug where edit team jersey returned an error in the beginning of the season
  • Fixed bug where players was reported having bad pressure handling during playoffs even if that was not the case
  • Fixed bug where trying to offer contract to a player returned an error.
  • Fixed bug where a player's transfer tab could not be open on the player page.
  • Fixed bug where a player could be offered a contract extension even if already accepted an offer.