v2.9.3 - Release Notes - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2023-11-27

v2.9.3 - Release Notes

This release incorporates a few adjustments and fine-tuning based on recent feedback.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fine-Tuned Tactics:

    • Puck skills now carry a more significant impact, especially in direct tactics like Dump and Chase and Crash the Net. While success is still attainable using these tactics, it becomes evident that without puck-skilled players, achieving long-term success will likely be challenging.
  • Draft Pick Order:

    • In single-league-style worlds, such as Zamboni, a more randomized draft pick order for the top picks has been implemented. The bottom four teams of each conference will now have an opportunity to secure the 1st pick and vie for a spot among the top 16 picks.