Want to be an All Star? - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2017-09-01

Want to be an All Star?

The All Star account is finally here! If you want the full game experience and at the same time support the future development of the game, then please sign up to be an All Star!

The All Star feature was first mentioned almost two years ago. It was one of the rewards in the early Kickstarter campaign back in 2015. But when other more urgent things was prioritised the All Star feature simply had to wait.

The basic idea was, and still is, to offer a richer game experience to those who are willing to support the game with a few $ every month. I have always wanted to keep the game free to play but the reality is that I’m losing money every month to keep this game alive. So hopefully the All Star account will help me make ends meet financially. And now two years later it’s finally here!

Current features

The All Star Account is not yet fully developed, more features will be added continuously. But here’s what’s included in this first version:

  • All Star badge next to your name
  • Member of the supporter focus group on Patreon.com (more info below)
  • Edit your team franchise (mascot, colors etc) once every 30 days.
  • Edit player numbers*

*The possibility to change your players numbers is now an All Star feature.

Important! The All Star Account is not a "Pay-to-win" account. It won't help you win any games.

So what’s next?

There are already more features planned that will be included in a release not to far from now.

  • Edit affiliate team franchise (mascot, colors etc) once every 30 days.
  • A new selection of team jerseys and colors, only available for All Star managers.

What will the future bring?

One thing is for sure, the All Star account will play an important role in the future development. Since most of the game basics are now finished, I can focus on building a richer game experience. For instance, my plans to introduce Hall of fame and League awards/trophies will provide a great opportunity to add such features. All Star managers could then have the possibility to vote for which nominated players that should be elected into the hall of fame or to win a specific award. I’m also playing around with the idea to give the All Star managers the possibility to retire jersey numbers in their teams.

These are just a few of my current ideas. If you have any suggestions of All Star features, please add them to the Suggestions section of the forum or just send me an email.

What is the Supporter focus group?

All who support the game will be included in a focus group on our Patreon site. Members of this group will have the possibility to answer special polls about features and future development of Game Plan Hockey Manager.

How to sign up

We're currently using Patreon to handle our subscriptions. So to upgrade your account you'll need to be a Patron of Game Plan Hockey Manager. Don't worry, the sign up is easy and takes almost no time at all.

The current pricing is * All Star $3.50 / month * Supporter $1.00 / month

Visit Game Plan Hockey Manager on Patreon

There is also an option to make a single pre payment. In that case you need to use the PayPal donation button found at the bottom of the site. Afterwords you need to send an email to support@gameplanhockey.com and provide the details of your donation in order to upgrade your account. You’ll get one month of All Star access for every $3.50 donated.

You’ll find this information inside the game too. Just use the action menu on your manager page and select “Account type…”

A big thanks to all that have already signed up and to all of you that are considering supporting the game! Together we can create the ultimate hockey manager experience!