Want to support the game? - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2017-08-18

Want to support the game?

We’re now aiming to, once and for all, drop the beta status and to launch an official version of the game that is available for everyone who wants to join. To do so I would really appreciate if you would help me make ends meet financially. That’s why we’re now on Patreon.com.

The biggest obstacle in order to drop the beta status is that we’re lacking the possibility to scale. The current server is running five open game worlds right now. It could probably handle a few more but that’s not enough to make an official release. That would take a new high performing hosting environment or at least a major server upgrade. Something that will require me to put in more hours but especially to invest in new hardware and licenses.

That’s why I decided to put Game Plan Hockey Manager on Patreon.com. Patreon is a service where you can pledge to send a monthly donation to support the future development of the game. This way we can keep it free from annoying ads and at the same time create a reliable income to cover all running costs.

By supporting Game Plan Hockey Manager you will also receive a small reward in return. One of the rewards is the All Star account.

For more information about these rewards and learn how to support the game, please check out our page on Patreon.

Thanks for considering supporting the game!

How about the PayPal donations?

If you have donated via PayPal in the past you’re eligible for the same rewards. Just send an email to support@gameplanhockey.com to collect your reward. I’ll check to Paypal logs to find your donation so please include the date and amount donated if possible.

And if you’d like you can still use Pay pal to make donations. For every $3.50 donated you’ll receive one month of All Star access.

Wasn’t the All Star account also included as Kickstarter reward?

Yes, it was. And all of you that chose that reward will of course now be able to get your reward. Shortly I will contact all backers with further information.

An official release? Having Deja vu?

For those of you that been around a while may think “Didn’t he release an official version over a year ago?”. You’re right, in the beginning of 2016 I made an attempt to make the official release when moving to the new (existing) web server. The move itself wasn’t a failure. On the opposite. The move was totally necessary and ensured the future development of the game. But it was a little too early to call it an official release. It was more like moving from an alpha to a beta. Something I later realised when announcing that I was keeping the beta status.