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Published 2020-08-25

Team Story - Part III, The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils

This is the third part of the guest blog series and team story by Alexander Rasputin. The story is fictional but based on the real in game events with his Vermilion Black Devils in Game World Buzzer where he took his team from LIHL to GHL in just 5 seasons. So please enjoy the third part of 'The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils'!

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The Second Circle

SEASON 2: IHL, 67-1-1-11, 1st place

Rasputin’s Black Devils project is at this point getting notoriety in his home country. Alexander flies back to Russia and visits with Moscow, gaining special exemption on signing Russian players below VHL level to the Black Devils organization. Russian media raises a furor over the team’s crowdfunded, floor-level campaign to get talented prospects who would ordinarily not play in their home country to sign for the Canadian club. One of these tournament-style tryout sessions yields a landslide winner with the talented and flashy 20-year old forward Maxim Bogolyubov. He signs a contract offer from the club and is the first piece of the Black Devils rebuild in an assault on the IHL. Rasputin also brings back two Russian centres, Starikov - a strong-as-a-bear-on-meth defensive player, and Votyakov, a skilled passer with high faceoff ability. Playing together since a very young age, they are slated to be the core down the middle for this new Black Devils team. From another social media job posting, offensive d-man Ove Ellingsen flies in from Norway to play on the team’s first pairing and PP.

In the off-season, the team drafts Albertan forward Allen Hachey, a fast and skilled, though physically frail teenager, who Bure describes as a “starving man’s Maxim Afinogenov”. Bogolyubov and Hachey will play on the 1st line with Canadian hotshot powerforward C Ziad Ostrout, acquired in the team’s first big trade with the Pettisville Steelers, in which previous captain and star player Bergland is moved out after a long closed-door discussion with Rasputin and Bure.

It is at this point that players and fans begin to realize the price of Rasputin’s Five Year Plan - no player is safe and player attachments and jerseys may not last beyond one season. Anticipating the discontent, Rasputin calls a press conference and reminds those present of the covenant they formed - without the Five-Year-Plan, the city of Vermilion holds no attractiveness to growth and no romance to new fans and players. Without continuous promotions, there is only stagnation and mediocrity. He acknowledges Bergland’s contribution to the team and unveils a display in his honour, forever part of the Black Devils lore. “Take your anger out on the opposing teams” is Rasputin’s message to his players.

And they do. Vermilion finishes the season with an astounding 67-1-1-11 record, wiping the floor with the competition and scoring 406 goals in the process. Ostrout leads the way with an historic performance, generating 52G/56A/111P, along with 229 hits. Bogolyubov follows with 104 points and Hachey with 95. No Black Devils player has a minus rating, with D-man Sampo Venalainen leading the league comfortably with a +91.

The small town has brought a massive impact to North American hockey. A second banner is rolled down from the Chasm rafters, and a second flame is lit under the demon statue.

That was the third part of 'The rise of the Vermilion Black Devils' by Alexender Rasputin. The story continues next week so stay tuned!