Terms and conditions - Game Plan Hockey Manager

Published 2023-07-17

Terms and conditions

Please read the terms and conditions for Game Plan Hockey Manager, below named GPHM, carefully before accessing and playing the game. Also note that the terms "we", "us" and "our" refer to Game Plan Hockey Manager.


Welcome to GPHM. Please read the terms and conditions for using this site. By using our website and service you agree to the terms and conditions and applicable rules below.

The access to this site is only permitted by us at GPHM and we reserve the right to take it out of service or change it without any prior notice. It is up to us at GPHM to limit the content in whole or in part to our website for all registered users with us.

For security reasons, you should treat all user IDs and passwords as confidential. We reserve the right to suspend users or passwords if they do not comply with our regulations. You are also responsible for ensuring that everyone who uses our website through your internet connection complies with these regulations.


All content on GPHM as pictures, texts and illustrations, designs, technology are own by GPHM or licensed by third parties to GPHM and may in no way be passed on for distribution. GPHM will not be liable for any damages directly or indirectly as a result of using our site. If you download anything on our site, you must have our approval before using it.


GPHM has ownership of all intellectual property rights related to the website and service. You may not duplicate, copy, or reuse any parts or concepts without written permission. If, for any reason, you do so, we will suspend your account and force you to destroy any copied material related to our site. All names and surnames in GPHM is fictitious characters, everything related to these names and any similarities are purely coincidental.


We have no obligation to keep our website updated in any way. It is we and only we at GPHM who decide this. However, we strive to keep the website as updated as possible.


If for some reason you misuse our service, we will suspend your account and block you from our site. It is we at GPHM who decide if you have violated our rules. We have no obligation to keep your user information confidential if it is suspected of being criminal. We operate in Sweden and comply with Swedish law on data protection.


You are responsible for all information posted on our site in the form of comments or messages. We are not obliged to check any posted data and have no responsibility for what is written by our users. We reserve the right to remove any user data whenever we want. You may not write anything that is either linked with racism / offensive / illegal / obscene / defamatory / advertising / politics / weapons / drugs or the like. You are held responsible for everything you write. We at GPHM will decide if you follow the rules and regulations of what may be written. If we believe that you violate these, we will remove them and / or suspend your account.


The material displayed on our site is provided without any warranties, conditions or warranties for its accuracy.


You are fully responsible to be fully updated on the terms and conditions. GPHM have no obligation to inform whenever there be any updates in terms and condition.


You may not in any way threaten or deliberately attack our site with hacking, Trojan worms or the like that may damage GPHM and our service. We will report all these types of attacks to the affected authority for further action. We will also help the affected authority to identify the attack and prosecute. We will not be held liable to other users if such an attack occurs on our website.


It is permitted to link to our site provided that it is done in a fair and legal manner that cannot harm us or our reputation. We take no responsibility for any external links outside our website and service. If you post a link to our site, you are responsible for it. It is not permitted to provide our service in any way through another website.


If you post a link to another page on the website, you are held responsible for what is displayed on this link. GPHM is not liable for any damages that may occur with a link to another external website. We reserve the right to remove any links at any time if we believe it does not comply with our regulations.


If you submit suggestions or ideas regarding advertising, promotions, technology, design, gaming ideas or upgrades to this game, you will automatically waive all legal rights to the material you submitted. Thus, you have no right to compensation for this material at all.


The Public API is provided free of charge, allowing users to access its functionalities. However, it is strictly prohibited to utilize this API to create competing solutions or develop applications that would directly compete with the original service. This restriction is in place to protect the copyright and intellectual property rights associated with the original service. Any unauthorized use or exploitation of the Public API for competitive purposes is a violation of these rights and may result in legal consequences. It is essential to respect and uphold the principles of fair use and intellectual property when utilizing the Public API.